How to Lace Combat Boots

by Victor Fonseca ; Updated September 28, 2017

Though it may seem unlikely, how you lace your combat boots directly affects how they are worn in and ultimately how comfortable they will be. The key component to the longevity and superior protection of combat boots is their unforgiving, thick leather. How the laces hold the leather in place will determine how they break in and the range of motion your feet and ankles will enjoy.

Clean your boots and make sure your laces are equal in length. Torn laces will eventually snap. The best policy is investing in a pair of new boot laces.

Choose a lacing style that gives you what you need. Of the vast number of lacing patterns that abound, the three most effective are the Army lacing pattern, the ladder lacing pattern, and the straight bar pattern.

Choose the Army lacing pattern, which allows for maximum flexibility and makes for more natural-looking leather creases. However, it does not support the foot and ankles as effectively as the ladder pattern.

Choose the ladder pattern, which is one of the most supportive lacing pattern for combat boots. It firmly holds the foot and ankle in place but requires longer laces than you would normally use.

Choose the straight bar pattern, which is one of the neatest and most orderly lacing patterns. It provides an unfettered look and can be tightened very quickly. It does not, however, provide as much support as either the ladder or the Army patterns.


  • There are variations to each of these patterns. Find the one that appeals to you.

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