How to Know Where to Find Free Toys for Christmas

Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

If you are part of a family facing a financial squeeze, you might be wondering how to stretch the budget during the holidays. You want to provide gifts for your family, without over-spending. You may not have a budget for anything extra at all. Receiving free toys for Christmas is one way to ensure traditional holiday gift-giving continues, and can help bring a sense of normalcy to even the hardest of times.

Look into local church gift trees. Church members and parishioners choose a gift tag from the tree and buy and wrap a gift for the recipient (for example, a tag might read "Boy, 5, toy truck"). Talk to the parish staff or pastor about including your children's wish list gifts on the tree.

Inquire at local community outreach centers as to whether they have a toy voucher program for qualifying families. If so, they may give you a form to fill out in which you can list your children's names and ages to receive toys for Christmas.

Find out about national toy drives. You may need to go through a local charity or point person who distributes the national toy drive items in your community.

Look into local charities, civic organizations and community groups. Find out about their Christmas outreach programs and whether your family qualifies. For many, your statement of need or basic information is all they ask. In addition to free toys for Christmas, many will have food baskets or other assistance available.