How to Know What Size Ring You Wear

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Whether an engagement ring, wedding ring, class ring or championship ring, in Western culture rings can be markers of important transition points and serve as symbols of accomplishment and excellence. They also can be fun. For men, especially, having to know your ring size means something good and worth commemorating has happened or will happen soon. Fortunately, finding your ring size is quick and easy.

Wind tape measure around the base of the finger you wish to size for a ring.

Mark the spot where the tape measure begins to overlap itself -- the point where it forms a complete circle.

Note the number of inches or millimeters where the mark is on the tape measure. Find this measurement on a ring size chart, such as the one at The chart will tell you which ring size corresponds to your finger measurement. For example, if your finger is 2 1/4 inches in diameter, your ring size is 7.5.