How to Keep Leather Boots From Slouching Images

Leather boots, especially tall ones, will slouch if there’s nothing inside to hold them upright. The slouching can cause wrinkles that weaken the leather and wear out the boots much faster. When buying a boot shaper, you need to know the height of the boot -- the entire upper portion of the boot must be supported. Boots also slouch during wear if they do not fit properly. By keeping your boots properly supported, you can add to their longevity.


Shake out the boots to remove any debris or dust. Zip up the zippers or tie the laces on the boots. If tying the laces, do not tie them too tight.

Place the boots on a flat surface. Push one boot shaper into one boot, then repeat with the other.

Place both boots against a wall. Placing the boots next to a wall can offer extra support.

Check the boots once a week to make sure they are still upright.


Try on the pair of boots with the type of bottoms you intend to wear with them. For example, if you plan to wear them with pants, wear a pair of pants while shoe-shopping.

Check the fit around the toes and heels. The boots should neither slide around on the foot nor be constricting.

Walk around in the boots. Watch the tops of the boots to see how well they stay up. If they start to slouch, they do not fit properly. The tops of the boots should be tight enough around the calf or thigh to keep the boots from slouching.

Try on different boots until you find a pair that fits your feet and around your calves or thighs.