How to Keep Creases Out of Your Shoes

Creases in leather shoes are caused by moisture loss in the leather and perspiration from feet making the leather warm and able to lose its shape. Taking simple steps to preserve your shoe leather will increase the lifespan of your shoes and make them look newer longer.

Purchase cedar shoe trees for your leather shoes. Shoe trees help shoes maintain their shape and the cedar helps the shoe dry faster. Put the shoe trees in your shoes whenever you are not wearing them. Try to let your shoes dry out for a day before wearing them again.

Keep the leather shoes away from direct heat. Never use a blow dryer to dry out the shoes, because the heat will dry out the leather.

Use a leather cleaner that does not contain acid or a detergent, because those ingredients will age the leather and make it crack more easily. You should clean your shoes when they are obviously dirty.

Polish the shoes with a high-quality cream or paste polish rather than with a liquid polish that will dry out the leather. Polishing your shoes with a moisturizing polish will maintain the integrity of the leather and prevent it from creasing. Polish your shoes at least once a week if you wear them often.

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