How to Keep an Updo in Place

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Keep an Updo in Place. Weddings, proms or any other special occasions often call for more than your average hair style. An updo can be a great way to add glamour to every day hair. But an updo usually needs to last for hours and it can be difficult to get one to stay in place throughout your event. Follow these steps to help your hair stay in place while you have fun.

Wash your hair the night before you're having your hair styled. Your hair will style more easily and be more likely to hold if it is not freshly washed. Adding a product to help style hair helps, but be sure to ask your stylist beforehand, as she may want to add it right before styling.

Wear a shirt with buttons to get your hair put into the updo of your choice. This way, when you're ready to leave the salon or change clothes for your event you will not mess up your hair by pulling a shirt over your head.

Style hair by using many pins. The more pins you have (while maintaining the look of the style), the more secure your updo will be. Smaller pins such as bobby pins also work better than larger ones.

Section hair into smaller groupings. This helps hair to stay in place because larger sections will be heavy and tend to pull out or down.

Spray your style once it is complete. You can even spray it again right before the event just as long as you do not overdo it. Choose a hair spray with light to medium hold to keep a natural look while still holding it in place.


  • If your hair is extremely thick or long, consider only putting half of your hair into the updo. This prevents hair from being so heavy that it falls down and still adds flair to your look.

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