How to Jump Out of a Cake

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Jumping out of a big cake to surprise someone special can be a fun way to celebrate a birthday, a retirement, or really any event where the joke might be appreciated. This has even been a trend with celebrities. The cakes that are used are, for many practical reasons, mostly fake. They're typically made from cardboard, styrofoam and some paint and decorations — even frosting — to give the outward appearance of a birthday cake. But whether you rent the cake or make it yourself, there are a few things to keep in mind for the jumping out part.

How to Jump Out of the Cake

Kneel or stand, depending on the height of your fake cake. As the cake is being wheeled out, be sure to keep your balance, as falling over inside the cake might damage the structure.

Listen to what's happening outside the cake, and wait for your cue, which could typically be the the final notes of the happy birthday song or another phrase you have previously agreed on with friends.

Burst through the top of the cake, which should be either thin paper or hinged doors. Make a big flourish, smile, maybe shout "Surprise!".

Exit the cake carefully, and go get the real cake for whoever is being celebrated.