How to Iron Men's Polo Shirt


0:00 Hi this is Vickie Pavone on behalf of Expert Village this clip is on ironing a polo style shirt. Your going to start with your collar as always and just roll along. This differs from your button down dress shirts, and it's not going to be iron piece by piece it's going to be iron all together as one. Lay it out flat start with your sleeve, shoulder to cuff. Get your plackert straight go over the plackert, and then go at the shoulders always towards the shoulders, once you got the top part ironed your going to pick it up and gently lay that over the edge and now iron the next spot. Starting at the top very gently working your way towards the bottom, pull it up further flattened it out start at the top work your way to the hem. Front is now done turn it over repeat the process. Starting with your sleeve, shoulder to cuff, both sides start at the top, flattened it out to the bottom, top to bottom and now is your shirt is done.