How to Iron a Shirt


0:00 how to iron a shirt unfortunately many

0:04 shirts do need ironing this video will

0:06 demonstrate the proper method for

0:07 ironing a shirt step 1 find the tag on

0:11 your shirt that indicates what it's made

0:13 of

0:15 step 2 plug in the iron and set the dial

0:19 to the recommended setting for that

0:21 fabric 100% cotton and linen need a high

0:24 setting wolves and cotton blends call

0:27 for medium heat polyester rayon nylon

0:31 silk acetate and acrylic all need a low

0:34 heat setting step 3

0:36 fill the iron with distilled water if

0:39 you will be using the steam setting on

0:40 Cotton's or Linens

0:43 step 4

0:45 iron the back of the collar first then

0:48 the front taking care to iron in from

0:50 the edges a little at a time to avoid

0:52 creases step 5 open the cuffs fully iron

0:57 inside first

0:58 then outside

1:01 step 6 iron the sleeves after smoothing

1:05 them flat to avoid creases do the sleeve

1:09 backs first front second and take extra

1:13 care on armhole seams

1:19 step 7 hang the shirt over the board so

1:23 that one front panel of the shirt can be

1:25 extended flat iron from shoulder to

1:29 shirt tail step 8 rotate the shirt over

1:33 the board so that you iron the back next

1:37 and the other front panel last

1:47 you