How to Iron a Cardigan

Amos Morgan/Photodisc/Getty Images

Cardigans come in a number of colors and styles. These button-up sweaters can be worn with a casual daytime outfit or for a fun night on the town. Wrinkles on a cardigan can ruin any look, and knowing how to carefully iron your cardigan will prevent causing damage to it.

Wash and dry your sweater according to the label instructions. Never iron a dirty cardigan, as this can press dirt and stains further into sweater fibers, leaving permanent damage. To help the cardigan maintain shape, wash and dry it buttoned up and inside-out.

Unbutton the cardigan and begin by laying the left front side atop your ironing board, anchoring the neck of it against the point of your ironing board gently. Flip up the collar if there is one and save for ironing later.

Set your iron to match the fabric of your sweater. If you are unsure, set it on the lowest heat setting or use the steam setting. Before ironing, remember never to iron directly over buttons or any embellishments such as lace or embroidery. To be safe, you can cover these areas with a thick cotton washcloth or napkin when ironing.

Spray down the fabric that is laid out on the board with starch and press the iron down gently moving it back-and-forth over fabric. Use the pointed tip of your iron to get around and between buttons if they are on this side.

Move to the backside of your cardigan, laying the back piece of fabric flat on the board with the neckline still at the top, spraying with starch and moving the iron lightly and gently over fabric. Always keep the iron in constant slow movement. If the sweater is wide, work across the back, laying sections atop the board and spraying as you go.

Repeat step four with the right breast side of your sweater. If there is a collar, lay it flat atop the board and iron it after finishing the front right side, then fold it back down.

Lay one of the sleeves flat across your ironing board. Make sure the seam of the sleeve is where it is folded, so that you don’t iron an unnecessary line. Spray with starch then iron the sleeve and repeat with the other sleeve. Spray your cardigan with one more layer of starch all over and fold or hang.