How to Invite Friends to a Candle Party

How to Invite Friends to a Candle Party. A candle party is a great way to socialize and entertain friends. Inviting friends to a candle party is easy. Focus on the party being a party instead of a sales event, and it will be easy to think of the guests you will invite.

Invite all of your close friends. Those that you frequently see and talk on the phone to should be first on your list of guests.

Invite your children's friend's moms. Mothers from sports teams, neighbors and play groups should all be included. Do not forget your children's school teachers, piano teachers and any extracurricular coaches or teachers.

Invite your family. Many family members are more reliable than those outside of your family. Mothers, sisters, grandparents, cousins and any other close family members should be included.

Invite the members from your church congregation. Social events away from church are a great way to get to know these wonderful people. Invite even those you do not know well.

Remember that the purpose of the party is to socialize. Many people are less threatened by home parties if they do not feel pressured to buy. Everyone loves candles, and the products will sell themselves. Enjoy your friends, and just hang out.

Send a formal invitation to your friends via the mail. Internet invitations are fine, but not everyone checks their email regularly. Physical invitations are also a great visual reminder that virtual invitations do not give.

Follow up with friends that have not given an R.S.V.P. with a brief phone call. When you call to remind your friends about the candle party, remember to focus on the fun and socializing. People will be more likely to come if they do not feel pressure to buy.