How to Instantly Make Eyes Look Younger

Make eyes look instantly younger and more awake with a few quick strokes of a cosmetic brush and these failproof tips!

Start by opening up the eyes with a shimmery eyeshadow in your favorite shade. Swipe the entire lid (upper and lower) but be aware that darker shades can age the eyes. Keep it dark enough to provide a bit of contour but light enough to keep eyes bright.

Add a youthful pop to your eyes with a quick dot of shimmery gold shadow at the corners to open them from both ends. This step also minimizes heavy undereye circles.

Lift the eyes for a younger appearance by arching the brows with your brush and/or tweezers. A subtle alteration can create a dramatically younger face. Do be careful not to over-tweeze.

Highlight your freshly arched brows (which, by the way, bring the eye of the viewer upward and away from crow's feet) with a light application of highlighting cream shadow just below them. Be wary of highlighting powders just under the eyebrow. They can appear too dramatic and unnatural.

Curl the lashes and add a pop of color with your everyday mascara. This step creates a youthful appearance by opening the eyes even more with very little effort (and it's a very natural looking trick!).

Line the eyes lightly, being careful not to put much liner near the inner corner. Leave that space for your gold shimmery shadow to keep the eyes fresh looking.

Add just a touch of concealer. This is where so many women make their crucial mistake. Too much concealer around the eyes sets into aging skin, making fine lines and wrinkles more apparrent. Instead of attempting to cover lines, simply focus on masking dark circles just a bit.

Use a facial highlighting pen to trace the bridge of the nose and underneath the eyes.

Consider giving yourself an instant "face lift" with a pulled back hairstyle for special occassions. Works every time!