How to Impersonate a Girl

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Though some men want to constantly dress as women, other men want to impersonate a girl for a short period of time. Dressing as a girl provides valuable insight about living life with a different perspective. When impersonating a girl, you may find your opinion of men and women changing. To create the most realistic impersonation, wear your hair and makeup in a way that accentuates feminine features. Wear girl's clothing that creates the appearance of wide hips and a slim waist.

Pluck your eyebrows using a pair of tweezers. Slide the edge of the tweezers under a hair and press the tweezers together. Pull the hair away from your face until the root detaches from your face. Continue plucking your eyebrows until they display a curved, feminine shape. Alternatively, visit a salon and purchase an eyebrow wax.

Wear a wig in an iconic, feminine style. Popular styles include the chin-length bob, shoulder-length curls or long, straight hair. For a more realistic look, choose a wig that's the same shade as your natural hair color.

Apply makeup. Dip a makeup brush in a neutral eye shadow color such as brown, pink or gold. Close your eyes and run the brush along the surface of your eyelid. Dip a blush brush in blush or bronzer and apply it to your cheekbones. Apply lipstick by running the curved side of the lipstick along your lips.

Don a padded bra. Dress in clothing that creates a female shape. For example, wear a dress with a wide skirt. If you have a slim figure, wear a dark colored T-shirt and wide pants or a wide skirt. This creates the appearance of female hips. Wear women's shoes in a color that matches your outfit.

Speak with a higher voice by speaking from the throat. Practice speaking from your throat by singing songs one or two octaves higher than your usual singing voice.

Act like a girl when communicating in person or digitally. Listen closely when people talk to you, especially if they reveal their problems. Try to respond with care and compassion and avoid confrontation or challenging people.