How to Identify an Authentic Louis Vuitton Vintage


0:00 hello this is Gabriela Garzon at GG

0:02 image and etiquette consulting in Coral

0:04 Gables Florida

0:05 in this clip I'm going to talk about how

0:08 to identify an authentic Louis Vuitton

0:10 vintage now when we say vintage it means

0:13 that either you need to go with an

0:14 expert or someone that already owns the

0:17 vintage in order to recognize one it's

0:20 gonna be a little more worn so it's

0:22 gonna be harder for people to recognize

0:23 the originality of the pieces and the

0:27 leather but when it's vintage you would

0:30 need to either have a catalog or go or

0:32 go back online and actually see the back

0:37 different persons that they made before

0:39 so you'll know that you're getting an

0:42 original one because anybody can say

0:43 it's vintage and Louie Vuitton never

0:45 made it so basically that's what you

0:47 need to know and when it's vintage

0:49 another thing that you can recognize is

0:51 that the outside letters are always

0:53 darker they change the leather outside

0:57 in different colors nowadays it's

0:58 lighter before it was darker once again

1:01 this is Gabbie Garzon at GG image and

1:03 etiquette consulting