How to host a UFC / MMA watching party

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Originally formed in 1993, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, also referred to as the UFC, is an organization that allows fighters of any style to compete against one another. The fighters use Mixed Martial Arts techniques, known by the abbreviation MMA during the fights. These techniques combine martial arts, wrestling and boxing. This adds to the allure of the sport, often pitting two adversaries against each other who use completely different styles. If you and your friends are fans of UFC, create a party around the next big event.

Visit the official UFC website and learn when their upcoming events will be held. Select an upcoming fight that you want to center your party around.

Order the event through your cable company. The UFC website details whether the event will be shown on cable television or if it is a Pay-Per-View event. If it is a Pay-Per-View event call your cable company and order it. Prices of the events vary. Charges will appear on your next cable bill.

Create a UFC-themed invitation. Whether you are using email, an invite website or purchasing paper invitations, use sports or UFC themes in the language of the invitation. For example, "In Celebration of UFC 133, it is time to par-ty!" Detail normal information needed on the invitation such as date, address, time and an RSVP phone number or email address.

Purchase food and beverages for the party. If ordering food for delivery, contact the restaurant ahead of time so they are not surprised by the order. Since the UFC is a sporting event, food often found at those venues is appropriate. Pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and various dips are all suggestions for your UFC party. Note, if you have UFC friends that are in training for their own MMA competitions or are health conscious, tailor the menu in that manner. Offer vegetables and light dips and lots of lean protein such as chicken, pork, beef and fish. Also purchase both alcoholic beverages such as beer and spirits and non-alcoholic beverages such as soda, juice and sports drinks for your guests.

Purchase UFC decorations for your party. UFC licenses a line of party items such as plates, napkins and cups. Additionally, purchase posters and other UFC-themed merchandise you can display during the party.

Prepare for the party. Before everyone arrives, make sure that there is ample seating around the television. Additionally, you might need to set-up food tables and beverage stations. Make sure to chill drinks in the fridge or in a cooler before your guests arrive. Finally, hang all the UFC decorations you purchased for the party.

Host the party. During the event, make sure that everyone has enough food and drink to enjoy while watching the event. Finally, make sure that everyone practices safe drinking while at your party. If anyone overindulges in alcohol, call them a cab, find someone else to drive them home or insist that they stay until they are sober.