How to Host a Tupperware Party

How to Host a Tupperware Party. Since Earl Silas Tupper first introduced his line of food storage containers in 1945, Tupperware has become a household word and even an American icon. Designed to keep air out and food fresh with his patented 'burping deal,' the Tupperware brand has also enjoyed a long and successful marketing campaign with another novelty--home demonstration parties by independent consultants. If the idea of earning extra cash and free gifts while socializing with friends appeals to you, then it's time you learned how to host a Tupperware party.

Learn How to Host a Tupperware Party

Get in touch with a Tupperware consultant in your area (see Resources below). This person will help you with the all the details of planning and hosting your Tupperware party.

Discuss the type of Tupperware party you plan to host. Decide on a theme, choose whether to host your party indoors or out, and determine the number of potential guests. Work out these details with your Tupperware consultant.

Send out invitations for your Tupperware party well in advance of the event. Make sure you include the date, time, place and any other pertinent information, such as directions or special instructions. In addition, include your phone number or email address with a date to RSVP.

Anticipate that not every person will respond with an RSVP by the date requested. With that in mind, expect that you'll have to call some of the people on your invitation list to confirm their attendance.

Think about menu planning once you have a good idea of how many people will be attending your Tupperware party. Depending on the type of party you're planning to host, you should consider whether simple snacks or a buffet style meal will be in order.

Expect your Tupperware party consultant to arrive early on the day of your party to help you set up.

Relax on the day of your party. You'll be playing host to your guests, of course, but your Tupperware consultant will do the rest in terms of demonstrating all the products and taking orders.

Reap your rewards. The more orders from your party, the more Tupperware products you'll receive in return.