How to Host a Mediterranean Themed Bridal Shower

How to Host a mediterranean themed Bridal Shower. Bridal showers do not have to consist of stuffy high tea and tiny finger sandwiches. A Mediterranean themed bridal shower is a fun and unique way to celebrate the impending nuptials of a modern bride who loves to travel and has a taste for adventure.

Send the shower invitations out on postcards from Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Greece and France. If you do not have any postcards on hand, you can purchase some cheaply on eBay.

Ask the shower guests to bring a gift with a Mediterranean theme such French lingerie, a cookbook focused on cuisine from a Mediterranean country or a nice bottle of Italian wine.

Decorate the shower location with the colors of the Mediterranean. The colors of Greece are a brilliant blue and white. Use brightly colored sunflowers and wine colored candles to represent Italy and Spain.

Loosen up the shower guests with some Mediterranean cocktails such as Negroni, which is an Italian cocktail made from Campari and gin, or Tinto de Verano which is a Spanish cocktail made by combining red wine and lemonade.

Serve the shower guests an antipasti platter representing the flavors of the Mediterranean. Dolmas with hummus and pita are a staple of Greece. A nice tray of prosciutto and cappicola with French breads and cheeses is also a great way to pique the Mediterranean appetite.

Set up a buffet with various Mediterranean inspired hot entrees. Offer items like Gambas al Pil Pil from Spain, Moussaka from Greece or Pumpkin Ravioli from Italy.

Thank your shower guests for coming with a gift bag containing a half-bottle of Spanish or Italian wine with some French chocolates or soaps.