How to Host a Clothing Exchange Party

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How many times have you looked in your closet and said, "I have nothing to wear!"? Gather up your friends and host a clothing exchange party. You can refresh your wardrobe -- and get rid of those clothes you never wear.

Invite your friends for an evening of clothes and fun. Each guest should bring clothing, accessories, shoes or purses to exchange.

As your guests arrive, offer them snacks and drinks, and introduce everyone. As your guests chat, put out the items they brought.

Separate everything into similar piles: shirts together, dresses, accessories. Give everyone time to look over the items.

When you are ready for the exchange, have everyone draw numbers to see who can select first. Each person can select an item in the order they drew. Continue in that order until all items are gone or no one wants anything from the items that are left.

You could also do the exchange auction style. Each guest would receive $1 in pennies and bid on the items they want. Everyone will have a blast as they try to outbid one another.

Another fun way to do the exchange is to have everyone pick a number. Number 1 picks her item first. Number 2 then can pick an item or take the item from Number 1. If someone's item gets taken from her, she can choose a new item or take someone else's item. Continue until all the items are chosen.

Once the exchange is over, let the trading begin. If someone snatched up the item you had your eye on, offer to trade for something you picked.

Have an area to try on clothing. Something might not look as good as you thought, and you can offer it back into the exchange, or trade for something else.

Donate whatever items are left to a local charity.