How to Host a Chronicles of Narnia Kids Party

Nikita Tiunov/iStock/Getty Images

Since your child loves the land of Narnia and isn't too afraid of the White Witch, it's only right to host a "Chronicles of Narnia" party inspired by the literary series by C.S. Lewis. Even though there's a possibility that not all of your guests will have seen the film, the children will appreciate the whimsical fantasy world of Narnia created by themed invitations, decor, food and games.

Themed Invitations and Decor

Much of the "Chronicles of Narnia" story takes place in the snowy, wooded, magical land of Narnia, where the White Witch has placed a spell on the land to endure a 100-year winter. Take a cue from the visual aspects of Narnia and send out snow-white invitations adorned with pine trees and the symbolic lamppost where the youngest character, Lucy, meets her first talking creature, Mr. Tumnus. For decor, create a makeshift wardrobe in the doorway that leads from the British countryside to the land of Narnia, whether it's through painted cardboard or by removing the back from a piece of secondhand, inexpensive furniture.

Creative Costumes

Offer each little guest a costume to make the party come alive, and hang the options near or in the entry wardrobe. For girls, create floral crowns and floor-length no-sew cloaks; for boys, offer felt tabards tied with rope. Cut out cardboard shields and allow each guest to decorate their own with paint, markers and other art supplies. One of the adults helping host the party can dress up as the White Witch, while another can don a lion costume to serve as Aslan.

Kid-Friendly Food

Some kids can be picky about food, so don't go too crazy with a themed meal. However, you can add a few fun extras to make the food and beverage tables stand out. Because Narnia is such a chilly place, it's only fitting to offer a hot chocolate bar. Keep cocoa in a carafe and set out a variety of toppings such as whipped cream, marshmallows and caramel drizzle. The confection Turkish Delights play a large role in "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe," so purchase a few varieties for adventurous children.

Games and Activities

The classic children's game freeze-tag works perfectly for a Narnia-themed party. Designate one child as the White Witch, who's "it" and freezes people when she touches them. You can also freeze small toy animals in large blocks of ice and give one to each party guest, who has to figure out the best way to melt the ice and release the animal from the witch's spell. Be sure to do this activity outside, or you may end up with a watery mess on your hands.