How to Host a Black & White Party

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A black-and-white party is an elegant theme for a variety of festive events, including birthdays, fundraisers, anniversaries and weddings. This bold color scheme is appropriate for formal events as well as more casual affairs. With a little creativity, you can incorporate these colors into every facet of the party -- from the invitations to the decorations -- and even into the food and drinks.

Create your own black and white invitations to set the stage for your theme party. Print out the party details on white paper and use glue to affix the sheet to black-and-white patterned card stock. On the invite, specify that guests should dress in black or white or any combination of the two. Add a sprinkling of black and white confetti to the envelope before sealing the invitation.

Pick a location for your party that is neutral in color so that you can easily transform the space using black and white accents. Add black and white confetti to clear balloons before filling them with helium; then tie with black and white ribbon. Mix these balloons in with plain black and white helium-filled latex balloons. Place the bunches of balloons throughout your party space. Complete your decor by suspending black and white paper lanterns from the ceiling.

Dress tables in black and white tablecloths. Top the fabric with white plates on top of black chargers. Use black-handled silverware and black-and-white patterned napkins.

Use black and white fish tank gravel to fill clear glass vases for centerpieces. Pour an inch of black gravel in a clear vase; top it with white gravel. Alternate colors in this manner until you reach the top of the vase. Place the vases on dining or buffet tables.

Serve appetizers such as black olive tapenade on top of toasted white baguette slices. Spear white mozzarella cheese balls with black olives; then drizzle them with olive oil, salt and pepper. Top new potatoes with a small spoonful of caviar and a bit of sour cream.

Offer black bean soup with a dollop of sour cream for the starter at a dinner party. Serve black linguini with white cream sauce, alongside steamed white asparagus for an elegant themed main course.

Rim clear martini glasses with black cocktail sugar and use them to serve white cosmopolitans made with white cranberry juice instead of red. Serve black and white Russians to complement your black-and-white affair. Garnish vodka or gin martinis with black olives instead of green olives to keep the drinks in theme.

Set a black and white dessert buffet. Feature chocolate cakes with white icing, black and white cookies and vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate sauce. Fill vases with black jellybeans, black licorice, white chocolate-covered raisins, and black-and-white swirled lollypops.