How to Hold Hair-Cutting Scissors


0:00 hi my name is Lisa and I'm a hairstylist

0:02 in Wilmington North Carolina and I am

0:04 here to talk about how to hold

0:06 haircutting scissors this is a pair of

0:09 hair cutting shears actually is what we

0:11 call them mine has a kind of an offset

0:15 alignment because I have a longer thumb

0:19 than normal people so - to keep your

0:24 wrist healthy and avoid the risk of

0:27 getting any kind of tension buildup or

0:29 carpal tunnel or anything like that you

0:31 want to be able to hold your shears

0:34 where you are not bending this area a

0:37 whole lot so when you're actually

0:40 cutting you want to position your client

0:44 to where you're moving as little as

0:47 possible and you're the comfort of your

0:49 hands are one of the most important

0:53 things as you work so if I'm cutting a

0:58 straight cut across the bottom I'm going

1:01 to position my body directly in front of

1:03 the hair that I'm going to cut and I'm

1:05 going to cut without moving my wrist is

1:11 moving in my wrist as little as possible

1:13 to ensure that after I do this over and

1:16 over and over in a day I'm not going to

1:19 wake up the next day with my hands numb

1:21 and that is how you hold hair cutting

1:25 shears