How to Hide a Cowlick

by June Lee ; Updated September 28, 2017

Cowlicks are sections of hair that stubbornly stand straight up or are at odds with the natural direction of hair growth. This usually results in an unruly spiral pattern at the crown of the head or nape of the neck. Cowlicks can be quite a hassle, as they make maintaining your hairstyle difficult. However, cowlicks can be controlled or hidden with a few easy hairstyling techniques.

Part your hair differently. Parting your hair is the quickest solution for hiding a stubborn cowlick. While your hair is still wet, brush the front section of your hair forward and create a deep side part over your cowlick. To keep your new part in place, apply hair gel. It may take your hair a few days to get used to the new part.

Blow-dry your hair straight. Blow-drying your hair on a low heat setting with a round brush can tame a cowlick. Use the round brush to gently pull your hair forward as you blow it dry. Alternate between pulling your hair to the left and to the right. You can use a small flat iron to straighten wayward, wavy pieces. Style with a strong-hold gel or mousse to keep your hair in place.

Curl your hair. Adding curls throughout your hair disguises your cowlick, creating a trendy "bed-head" look. Use a small to medium sized curling iron and wrap 1-inch sections of hair around the iron, hold and release. You can curl random sections for an easy-going style or curl your whole head for a more dramatic. Apply a small amount of pomade or shine serum throughout your curls. For a more permanent solution, you can perm your hair.

Cut your hair. A great haircut can hide wayward cowlicks. Haircuts can guide your hair to lie in any direction you desire. If you have a cowlick at the crown of your head, try adding shorter layers. Shorter layers help blend in cowlicks while adding edginess to your look. If you have a cowlick at the nape of your neck, try a short, layered and razor-edged hairstyle. An angled cut will disguise your cowlick.

Add bangs. If your cowlick is in the hair at the front of your head, bangs can easily hide it. A thick swoop bang is a perfect choice as it also parts your hair to the side, guiding your cowlick in your hair's natural direction. To keep your bangs in place, apply a small amount of pomade to the ends of your bangs. This will help create weight, keeping your bangs heavy enough to control your cowlick. You can also opt for short, wispy bangs, which will create the illusion that your cowlick has disappeared.

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