How to Hem Men's Dress Pants

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There’s no need to head to a tailor to perfect the length on a pair of pants. Men’s dress pants are typically made of wool, cotton or a blend of wool or cotton with elastane. Less expensive pants may be made of synthetic materials such as polyester and rayon blends. Fortunately, these fabrications all respond well to hemming by machine or by hand.

Mark the hemline with tailor chalk. To get the right length, have the person who is planning to wear the pants put them on with the shoes he plans to wear with them.

Fold them over at the desired hemline, and use safety pins to secure them before the wearer takes them off.

Cut the extra fabric off of the length, leaving yourself one extra inch for the hemline.

Use a sewing machine to create a zig-zag stitch along where you’ve cut. If you are hand-sewing, use a cross stitch at the hemline. Use thread that is the same color as the pants.