How to Have An Email Relationship

Email relationships can be a great way to make a good friend. It gives you time for feelings to develop without the pressure of dating and the rewards of getting to know someone can be fruitful. Read on to learn more.

Now by email relationship, it refers to being pen pals in the modern sense of the word. This doesn't mean eDating services; although nice friendships can come from those services, too. But there are some pros and cons to an email relationship that you need to be aware of.

Once you realize you have made a friend via email, remind yourself that it's easy to exaggerate when not face-to-face and it's easier to make promises you can't keep. Be honest, be yourself, be friendly. Also, words can get tangled up in meaning so be sure top use emotion and icons to convey meaning to your statements. A simple phrase can be taken the wrong way if you don't know if it was said with a smile or a frown. Always be honest and don't think little white lies are OK because of the distance factor.

Respond in a timely manner when you receive an email message. It can seem rude to wait too many days to reply. Keep your reply cute and entertaining and answer all questions and comments that you feel comfortable with. Make it a two-sided event just like you were talking in person. Don't just focus on yourself. Most definitely, if the conversation gets risqué or makes you uncomfortable at all, end the relationship. You don't have to put up with conversation that is inappropriate.

Photos! Send lots of pictures of yourself, your neighborhood, and your cat or dog; anything to help your email friend feel closer to you. Be tasteful when photographing yourself unless you want the relationship to take a sexy turn which can be risky in today's world. Remember that anyone can become anyone online and unless there's a real level of trust, you must protect yourself from any creeps out there. Other than that caution, have fun and be creative with your photos!

Eventually, the question of meeting in person will come up. This can be difficult if there is a real physical distance between the two of you. Even more difficult if the desire is there between the two of you. If you can afford to fly out for a get together meeting, great! But be careful that you know this person well enough to feel comfortable and safe. You can bring someone with you for extra safety and always meet first in a public place. If it's impossible to meet in person, you will either have a good friendship that will last through cyberspace for a long time or it could end it all. If one person is set on meeting and it isn't going to happen for whatever reasons, that could end it. The other person sees no future in continuing the relationship. But that's OK because you will have enjoyed months of friendly conversations up until that point.