How to Have a Power Ranger Birthday Party

by Ronna Pennington

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When the Power Rangers were introduced to children's television in the 1990s, the super heroes quickly became popular with kids. Power Ranger shows always featured both male and female heroes, attracting viewers of both genders and making them a good choice for a birthday party theme with broad appeal. Host a Power Ranger birthday party by using licensed party merchandise or by creating party decor with the Power Rangers theme.

Develop the Guest List

The first step in having a Power Ranger birthday party is developing a guest list. Determining how many people to invite will help establish how many supplies are required for the party. As you make the guest list, be sure to account for parents or guardians who may stay at the party along with their child. Keep the number of adults and children in mind as you continue planning the party.

Purchase Licensed Party Supplies

Purchasing Power Ranger birthday party supplies is one option. Buy enough supplies to accommodate the children on your guest list. Adults can use regular plates and cups. Some businesses offer party sets that include invitations, plates, cups, gift bags and more. If ordering supplies, be sure to order early enough to allow plenty of time for delivery. You will need them at least one week prior to the party, so you can send invitations in a timely manner.

Make Your Own Invitations

Family Shopping Bag ( offers a free printable Power Ranger invitation. If your child already has a collection of Power Ranger trading cards, use the duplicates to create invitations. Glue them onto folded sheets of construction paper. Trim the construction paper to fit in a standard envelope. Write "You're Invited" above the card, then include all the pertinent information on the inside page. Deliver or mail the invitations a week before the birthday party.

Buy and Set Up Decorations

If you did not buy licensed merchandise, buy cups and plates in Power Ranger colors: red, blue, yellow, pink, gold, and green; spoons and forks in neutral colors, such as clear or white, is fine. Choose a solid color table cloth in one of those colors. Inexpensive plastic table cloths can be cut to fit the size and shape of your table. Allow helium-filled balloons to float about the room during the party and guests to take a balloon home as they leave.

Provide a Power Ranger Cake

If ordering a cake, ask the bakery for its Power Rangers options. If you want to make a Power Rangers cake on your own, you also have options. Wilton ( once made a Power Ranger cake pan, but it is now retired. Check online for a store that sells retired cake pans; they may have this pan available. Using action figures to top the cake is another idea. Wash them with dish liquid, rinse and dry thoroughly before placing them on the cake.

Offer Power Ranger Cupcakes

Opting for cupcakes instead of cake creates more options for the birthday party. Power Rangers wear uniforms that are red, blue, yellow, green, pink, gold and blue with gold. Frost cupcakes in these colors. Place a lightning bolt of frosting on each cupcake representing the Power Ranger logo. Another simple decorating idea is to use cake picks or plastic rings as cupcake toppers. Always wash and dry picks and rings before adding them to cupcakes.

Provide Games and Other Fun Activities

Print coloring sheets from the official Power Rangers website ( Provide crayons and give the children time to color. Use construction paper, glue and safety scissors, and help children create their own Power Ranger mask. Play a version of "Freeze" in which children strike Power Ranger poses as soon as you shout, "Freeze!" Those who move before the game starts again are "out." Continue until the last player remaining is deemed the winner.

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