How to Have a Nude Wedding

How to Have a Nude Wedding. There are a ton of things to keep in mind when planning a to get married. For every type of wedding there are obstacles to be overcome. But a nude wedding, that has its own special requirements. If you and your partner are advocates of the nudist lifestyle and you feel a nudist wedding represents your attachment to one another, by all means you should feel free to express yourselves. You may find, however, that the guest list might run a bit short unless you let everyone know your plans well ahead of time so your loved ones can make the proper arrangements.

Find a location that will be temperate. Since most nudist tend to prefer outdoor settings, getting married in the nude will require a spot not given to extremes in climate.

Contact your friends and family well ahead of the actual day you plan to get married so they can be prepared for the nude wedding. It may sound ridiculous, but springing your lifestyle choices on dear old dad in front of a group of people is likely to strain familial relationships.

Consider letting the clothing requirements be optional. You may have several dear friends that want to share in your nude wedding without having to divest themselves of their own attire.

Ask the priest or official in charge of the ceremony if they have any experience presiding over a nude wedding. People often forget that such a perspective can radically alter the marriage experience for everyone involved.

Make sure that the grounds you plan to use for the nude wedding allow clothing optional activities. No one wants to have the "I do" interrupted by a squad car.