How to Hang Tulle & Wedding Lights

Decorating for a wedding is a big responsibility. It should be a memorable day for the bride, groom and everyone attending. A popular material to use for wedding decorations is a fabric called tulle. This fabric has a light, ethereal look and is generally inexpensive. Incorporating lights in to your tulle will create soft lighting that creates romantic mood ideal for a beautiful wedding. Recruit an extra pair of hands and transform any room or hall into a soft dreamy vision with tulle and lights. Three yards of tulle is perfect for framing a doorway or laying along the edge of a long table. Whether you hang it on a wall or drape it on table, you'll have a lovely decorating feature.

Lay the desired length of tulle in a hallway or in a large area. Double up the tulle by folding it in half.

Plug in the Christmas lights and test it to be sure all the lights work. If you see a dead bulb, replace it and test the strand again. Stop the flicker option by removing the bulb closest to the electrical socket that has a red tip. Replace it with a plain clear bulb. Leave the plug hanging out of the tulle with plenty of cord to reach the electrical plug or an extension cord.

Measure out one foot sections of the one-eighth-inch wide silk ribbon. Cut the ribbon. Set the ribbon to the side.

Roll up the tulle with the lights inside. Try to keep the tulle even. Use the ribbon you just cut to secure the tulle about every eight to ten inches. Tie the ribbons into pretty bows for a pretty decorative touch.

Hang the tulle with hooks or push pins wherever you need them. Use push pins of the same color or spray with matching paint so that guests can not see them.