How to Grow a Thicker Beard

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It takes the average man about four weeks to grow a beard. While the thickness of your beard will depend on a number of factors including genes, you can use a few simple steps to help speed up the growth process and achieve the fullness you want. You may receive comments along the way about the various stages of growth, but remember, within several weeks, you will have the beard you've always wanted.

Allow four to six weeks for the beard to grow without cutting, trimming or shaping the beard.

Consume 2.5 mg of biotin daily. Biotin is a dietary supplement that may stimulate hair and nail growth.

Treat dryness and skin irritation under the beard with an over-the-counter mild steroid cream such as hydrocortisone (1 percent). Use daily.

Trim along the neck line and chin after four weeks to remove unruly hairs that may be growing out of sync with the natural growth line of your beard. Continue to allow the upper line of your beard, along the cheeks, to grow. Only trim if this area is particularly messy.