How to Grow a Petite Goatee Images

A petite goatee is a partial goatee, which starts right beneath the lips and extends slightly past the shin. It is shaped in a point, resembling an upside-down triangle. Like other styles of facial hair, the petite goatee requires special grooming and care to grow and maintain. Although subtle, a carefully manicured and well-kept petite goatee may dramatically improve your looks.

Grow a full goatee for at least two weeks before attempting to shape into a petite goatee. Avoid shaving the hair on the chin; hairs need to grow to at least a half-inch to be styled in a petite goatee.

Use a product to increase the density of hair, if you notice that the hair growth on the chin is sparse or spotty. Apply thickening lotion to the goatee daily after showering. Wait two more weeks for the hair to grow in thicker.

Shape the goatee into a petite goatee by shaving, once hair reaches a half-inch in length. Use the razor in the direction of the hair growth, shaping the goatee into a point below the chin. Use care to achieve symmetry on each side of the goatee.

Shave around the goatee daily to preserve its shape and appearance. Remove stubble on the sides of the goatee. This will make the goatee appear more defined.

Trim the goatee regularly to make it grow coarser. Use clippers and a comb or a trimming tool to trim the hairs of the goatee, as needed. Avoid using a razor to trim the goatee itself.