How to Gradually Dress More Feminine


0:04 hi I'm Jana cook from the frugal stylist

0:08 calm today I'm in Santa Monica at cook

0:10 app to share with you how to gradually

0:12 dress more feminine now femininity

0:15 probably invokes tons of pink and girly

0:17 and flower details and it doesn't have

0:19 to be femininity is all about an

0:22 attitude in my model Aries is most

0:24 definitely demonstrating that very

0:25 feminine attitude within this dress the

0:28 color within itself is not necessarily a

0:29 feminine color grey right but the

0:32 silhouette then I sponsor the skirt the

0:34 detailing of how it shows off her small

0:36 waist the nice white bands that

0:38 sleeveless butts opens has enough

0:40 coverage shows her figure bounces gives

0:43 off a very very feminine attitude her

0:45 necklace contrast is the feminine

0:47 detailing of the fonts of the skirt with

0:49 a hard meadow to really balance out the

0:51 look so she's mixing femininity with a

0:54 little bit more edge so that's that

0:56 that's how you gradually dress more

0:58 feminine and vogue feminine details but

1:00 still keep the color pretty standard

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1:05 stylist comm I'm Gianna cook thanks for

1:07 watching