How to Give Money at a First Communion Party

How to Give Money at a First Communion Party. At many first communion parties, the recipient receives Bibles or crucifixes as gifts. Guests sometimes give money at a first communion party instead of presents. Guests who disagree think it is distasteful to give cash as a present. In certain social circles, the question is not whether you should or shouldn't give money at a first communion party, but rather how much money to give. Read on to learn how to give money at a first communion party.

Ask the parents what the socially-accepted rule is if you decide to give money at the first communion party. If you do decide to give money, the minimum amount you should give is $50 for a child 10 and under. Children over 10 can receive up to $100 or more. Also, take into the consideration the maturity level of the child and give accordingly.

Make a donation to the family's favorite charity in the child's name. You can do this in lieu of cash to the recipient. Have the charity send a thank you note to the child to be saved as a keepsake. You can also ask that the charity keep the donation amount confidential.

Give a savings bond in lieu of cash as well. This can be applied towards the child's college education.

Place the money in an envelope and give it discreetly to the recipient or the parent's. Make sure the envelope is sealed. Insert a card with an appropriate note, if desired.