How to Give Boots a Vintage Look

Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Vintage in the fashion world refers to an item of clothing that is several years old. Instead of purchasing vintage boots, distress your own -- whether work boots, cowboy boots or fashion boots -- to give them that old look. Give your brand new boots the vintage look with some sandpaper and then wear them with a vintage t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans for a casual look.

Crumple up newspaper and stuff it inside your boots.

Dip a soft cloth into rubbing alcohol. Run the alcohol all over the boots so they become soft and more pliable.

Rub fine-grain sandpaper on your boots. Focus on areas where distress would naturally happen like around the toes and heels. The more pressure you use, the more distress you will add to the boots.

Put a small amount of black polish on a boot brush if you want your boots to have more of a darker, vintage look. Blend the black polish into the parts of the boots that you have distressed with the sandpaper.

Apply a clear wax boot polish to your boots to complete the vintage look.