How to Give Advice at a Bridal Shower

How to Give Advice at a Bridal Shower. A bridal shower is the perfect time for the future bride to get together with her friends and family and share a special moment. It is a time to laugh together and to reminisce. It is also the perfect time to offer the bride some friendly advice about married life. Offering the bride marriage advice is a tradition for most bridal showers.

Think of what advice you would like to give before the bridal shower and write it down.

Look for inspiration in quotes about marriage, love or romance. You might find inspiration from a quote from a recent movie or perhaps from Shakespeare.

Consider advice that you would have liked someone to give you about marriage. Write down anything else that comes to mind.

Narrow your choices for the advice you could give to three choices. Polish these to make them clear and to the point.

Read your selections out loud and see which one sounds the best. Trust your intuition and make one selection to bring to the bride.

Carry this advice with you to the bridal shower. Keep it in your pocket or purse until the appropriate moment.

Give the advice to the bride in a warm and engaging way. End your advice by wishing the bride happiness, joy and long life for her marriage.