How to Get the Shoulder Bumps Out of a Sweater

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Rows of sweaters carefully hung in your closet can make cold winter days seem a little warmer. However, the shoulder bumps that linger long after you take the sweater off the hanger can put a damper on your day. These unsightly humps develop more often on heavier sweaters, which put more stress on the hanger. However, you don’t have to walk around looking like you lost a shoulder pad. With a little TLC, you can shrink that sweater's shoulders back into shape.

Banish the Bumps

Take the sweater off if you can. If you can’t take it off, go to the ladies room or another private location. Dampen the shoulders of the sweater with cold water until all of the stretched area is damp. You can also rub an ice cube over the areas to dampen them without over-saturating them. Lightly press a cloth or paper towel over the shoulder to press the fibers down into place and to absorb the excess water. Then, you just have to wait. As the water dries, it shrinks the fibers back to their normal size.

Hassle-Proof Sweater Storage

The best way to deal with shoulder bumps is to prevent them from ever developing. Fold sweaters and place them in a drawer or on a shelf rather than hanging them. For those who prefer the hanging method, fold the sweater in half long-ways and drape it over the bottom bar of the hanger before hanging it up in the closet.