How to Get the Alarm Off a 1440 Timex Sports Watch

by Jon Stefansson

The Timex 1440 digital sports watch features an alarm for appointments and to wake you. It automatically repeats everyday after it is set. Turning off the alarm stops it from ringing at the time you previously selected. A small alarm clock icon is displayed when the alarm is on. You might want to switch the alarm off over the weekend -- or when the event for which you needed a reminder has passed.

Step 1

Look at the buttons around the edge of your watch. The "Start/Stop" button is in the top right.

Step 2

Press "Start/Stop" down once. The alarm clock icon disappears. The alarm is off.

Step 3

Press "Start/Pause" a second time to re-activate the alarm. The icon reappears.


  • Pressing any button on the edge of your Timex 1440 stops the alarm while it is ringing.

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