How to Get Scratches Off of a Burberry Purse

Feng Li/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Whether it’s made of rich skins, suede, the finest cloth fabric or ribbed wool with black patent leather trim, a Burberry purse telegraphs instant style and sophistication. If your go-to Burberry leather handbag has scratches and scuff marks, there's no need to panic. You can restore and add polish to your purse easily using a few common household products. If your designer bag is heavily soiled, however, let a handbag professional repair and restore your pricey Burberry purse.

Clean your leather handbag with water and mild soap. Mix a cup of warm water with one to two tablespoons of mild liquid soap. Dip a clean cloth in the soapy mixture. Wring the cloth to remove any excess water. Wipe the purse with the dampened cloth. Pat your purse dry with a dishtowel or an old clean rag.

Use olive oil to remove any small scratches. Perform a patch test on the bag to prevent the oil from staining the surface of the purse. Using a cotton ball, dip the edge of the ball into a cap full of olive oil. Rub the oil on the underside of the purse to test. If the oil does not damage the bag, rub the oil into the scratch using small, circular motions.

Apply shoe cream polish to cover scuff marks. Using a small clean cloth or old t-shirt, apply a neutral- or matching-colored polish to your Burberry purse. Buff the handbag until the cloth comes away clean and the scratch vanishes. Be careful, as you don’t want any shoe polish to rub onto your clothing.