How to get Samples of Black Hair Growth Products

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Securing samples of hair growth product can be just as much work as shopping for any hair product. Fortunately, however, you won't have to spend much money, if any at all, in the process. By securing samples, you won't end up wasting money on a product you do not like or that irritates your scalp. In addition, samples are the perfect size for travel, guest bathrooms, and event gift packs.

Go online. Using a few different search engines, narrow your search to samples of black hair growth product. Find out if you are able to find some samples either for free or for sale at a nominal cost.

Search popular websites like for a list of online merchants that have black hair growth products. This will give you more choices than might be available in list of companies offering samples alone. Some of these merchants might provide sample products, even though they were not listed in your initial narrow search.

Search for product samples on a black hair product website. Look to see if they have any sample products available either for free or for sale.

Add the word “free” to your product search if you are not willing to pay for the samples. This may expedite your search for online stores offering samples of black hair growth products for free.

Request samples of black hair growth products by calling a manufacturer's toll free number or filling out contact or request forms either for the manufacturer or an appropriate distributor.

Order or pick up samples of black hair growth products during relevant hair exhibitions or trade fairs. It is often easier to get free products during such public displays.

If you received an information card with a previously purchased black hair product, fill it out and return it to the manufacturer. If there is an area for notes, mention that you would like to receive some free samples of black hair growth products.

Subscribe to websites that sell black hair products. They may send out newsletters to update you on new products in their stores, including offers for product samples.