How to Get Rid of Spot Marks on Your Face

Andreanna Lynn Seymore/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Spot marks from acne can be a major annoyance, but a variety of methods exist to fade and remove them. The best way to prevent spot marks from occurring is to avoid popping and scratching acne when it occurs, but this is often difficult for both children and adults dealing with acne.

Try natural remedies. Vitamin E oil and lemon juice have properties that help the skin and might also fade scars. These methods are inexpensive and easy to apply. Begin by washing and drying your face, then apply the oil or lemon juice to the points on your face with spot marks. Aloe vera is another natural option and might be a better choice if you have sensitive skin, as the citric acid in lemons might cause irritation. The best aloe vera gel contains high portions of the plant and is less diluted.

Use over-the-counter topical ointments. These medications, sometimes called fading creams, are designed with the specific purpose of removing unwanted scars and spots from the face, and they might also remove freckles and other blemishes. They are more expensive than the natural remedies, but they can also be more effective on certain people. These creams vary in nature and include wash-off and chemical peels.

Visit a dermatologist. While many home remedies exist, some spot marks might not respond. If this is the case for you, there are a wide variety of elective medical procedures that can help fade or remove acne spots completely. One method is laser treatment, which removes outer layers of skin and scar tissue and tightens the skin to make spot marks less visible. Other methods involve injecting substances into the skin beneath the spot marks to push them back out. Punch excision is the process of closing the skin over the spot marks. These processes are of course the most expensive options, but they can be the most effective at removing spot marks. The correct method for each individual will depend on the type and severity of the spot marks.