How to Get Rid of Red Spots After Shaving

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Shaving pimples appear as the red spots on your skin shortly after shaving. The unsightly and irritating bumps are indicative of improper shaving preparation or technique. These painful tiny spots don't have to become a normal part of your shaving routine. Smooth, hair-free skin is simple to achieve. You can be stubble-free without looking like you've contracted the measles by using the correct supplies and methods to prepare your skin before you shave and remove unwanted hair. But if red spots are already causing you irritation and embarrassment, you can treat the shaving pimples to get rid of them.

Hold a clean wash cloth under warm running water. Wet the cloth and wring out excess moisture.

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Hold the warm wash cloth over the area of skin with red spots. Keep it there for three to five minutes.

Remove the wash cloth. Pat your skin dry with a clean face towel.

Soothe burning and irritation associated with shaving pimples by applying aloe vera gel to the red spots. Allow the gel to be absorbed into your skin.

Dab 1 percent hydrocortisone cream onto the red spots to reduce redness.

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Smooth an appropriate moisturizer over your skin. Select a facial moisturizer for your face and body moisturizer for other areas of the body. Keeping skin moist helps reduce irritation.