How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs on the Face


0:04 welcome to Detrick beauty studio where

0:07 today we're gonna talk a little bit

0:09 about how to avoid or treat ingrown

0:14 facial hair I would like to speak to a

0:18 few preventive measures one being before

0:22 you're shaving or if you are plucking to

0:26 not irritate but to remove that skin

0:29 cells before you do so so use an

0:32 invigorating cleanser follow it with a

0:36 toner again removing excess dirt oil

0:39 skin cells each part surrounding every

0:42 hair and then when you get to shaving

0:49 instead of immediately going against the

0:52 grain shave down with the hair first and

0:57 then and again so that's still removing

0:59 dead skin excess and a little bit of the

1:02 hair and then go up against it so that

1:07 will give you a really smooth close

1:09 shave however and always moisturize

1:12 because it helps heal what you've just

1:15 done the irritation then if you do get

1:18 an ingrown hair make sure you want to

1:21 probably apply a hot towel maybe a

1:24 little bit of hydrocortisone which helps

1:26 with irritation and swelling and use

1:29 very very sanitized but pointed tweezers

1:33 to gently pluck and if it doesn't want

1:37 to come out immediately put that hot

1:39 compress back on there a little bit more

1:41 hydrocortisone and really soften it up

1:44 the area around and then get in there

1:47 and maybe you just want to ask your

1:50 girlfriend boyfriend or friend to help

1:53 you if you can't seem to get the right

1:55 angle on your ingrown hair so prevent

1:57 first but if it does happen be gentle

2:01 warm compress always exfoliate first

2:03 hydrate and hopefully it won't happen to

2:07 you if you'd like to see the rest of my

2:09 tutorials check them out online thanks

2:12 for joining us