How to Get Rid of Dyed Hair & Go Back to Your Natural Hair


0:01 Hi, I'm Amelia and I'm here to talk to you about how to go back to your natural hair

0:04 color. When you go and decide what color you want to go back to, always let your hair grow

0:10 out just a little bit so that way you can see your natural hair color. As you can see

0:15 on this model, we've got sort of an eighth of an inch of root there. So that let's me

0:21 know that she's naturally a brown. So then what I'm going to do is I'm going to first

0:28 use a tint or a filler. You can get color fillers at the beauty supply. So always use

0:34 a protein filler of some sort before you put the color, the desired color on top. Otherwise

0:41 you're going to have a sort of a greenish, grayish tone to your hair. If you are dark

0:47 and you're trying to get back to your natural and your natural is lighter, then you're going

0:51 to have to use a color remover or you're going to actually have to pre-lighten the hair or

0:57 bleach the hair and then go back to your natural. So this is not something for the faint of

1:02 heart and not something that I would recommend doing in the kitchen. I do recommend going

1:07 to the salon and having this done. And go to a reputable salon that does corrective

1:11 color on a regular basis because this is a fairly corrective process. Now the lesser

1:15 of two evils is going to be going from light to dark because light hair is a lot easier

1:22 to deposit color. Whereas if you were going from dark to light, it tends to not lift evenly.

1:29 You're going to get splotches and there's a chance that you may pull on the warm side

1:33 or you may see red or brassiness in your hair when it's complete. So it can be done and

1:39 it can be done beautifully. Just make sure that you let a little bit of your natural

1:43 color grow in so that way the designer that you go see or you and your friend can actually

1:48 pick out a color that's very, very close. And if you're tinting back, in other words,

1:52 going from blond to dark, you may even want to go a shade or two lighter, I mean, I'm

1:57 sorry, darker, so that way as it fades, because it will fade quickly, as it fades, you will

2:02 eventually get right on target to your natural level. So that's how you can go back to your

2:07 natural hair color.