How to Get Rid of Coarse Black Chin Hairs

by Alexandra Bee

During various times in your life, you may experience unexpected physical changes due to hormones or medical conditions. Finding yourself with coarse black chin hairs can be aggravating, especially if they frequently grow back after removal. Getting rid of such hairs, whether on your chin or neck area, is possible with a few methods.

Items you will need

  • Mirror
  • Tweezers
  • Facial bleaching kit
  • Facial depilatory cream
  • Hot wax kit
Step 1

Pluck the coarse black hairs from your chin using a lit mirror and traditional tweezers -- or by using a mirror in natural, bright light. Although the hairs will grow back, this method is quick and rids small amounts of hair from any part of your body with ease.

Step 2

Use a facial bleaching kit. Test the bleaching solution on another part of your body, such as your legs, before using the solution on your face.

Step 3

Apply a facial depilatory cream to your chin and any neck areas with coarse black hairs. Most depilatory creams work best with finer hair and on smaller areas, so it's best to avoid the creams when dealing with a larger area.

Step 4

Use a hot wax kit to quickly rid the black hairs from anywhere on your body, including the chin.


  • Speak with your general physician or your dermatologist about your coarse hairs, if it becomes a persistent issue or if the hairs are rapidly increasing in numbers. Coarse black hairs may be a symptom of Hirsutism, which is a medical condition that generally affects women with increasing amounts of male hormones.

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