How to Get Rid of Black Marks Made by Pimples

Even with proper acne treatment, black marks can appear on the skin after the pimples have been treated. Black marks made by pimples are a form of hyperpigmentation of the skin that can be caused by hormonal changes, vitamin deficiency or simply picking at pimples once they form. If you are suffering from black marks made by pimples, there are several ways you can get rid of them and improve the look of your skin.

Do not pick at or try to pop pimples after they form. Tampering with pimples can make black marks worse or create permanent scaring. Always let pimples burst and fade on their own or with the help of mild cleansers.

Use skin products that contain at least 4 percent hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is a skin bleacher that can lighten black spots. Apply hydroquinone with a Q-tip to avoid bleaching unaffected skin. It can take two to three months to achieve noticeable results if you use this treatment nightly.

Wear sunscreen that is at least SPF 15 to keep black marks from further darkening. Look for facial lotions and creams that contain sunscreen. Oil of Olay has several different facial creams suitable for daily wear that contain sunscreen.

If black marks do not lighten after three months of regular treatment, consult your primary care physician. Your physician may suggest chemical peels at a salon to help fade black marks. Depending on the severity of your black marks, the physician might refer you to a dermatologist for hydroquinone facial injections.