How to Get Ready for a Bachelorette Party Weekend


Your sister, best friend or a special lady in your life is getting married, and she’s asked you to be the maid of honor — yay! One of the items on your MOH to-do list is to plan her bachelorette shindig, and you’re pulling out all the stops for a two-day getaway. But as any party planner knows, there’s a lot to prep for besides booking the hotel suites and sending out invites. Whether this is your first bachelorette party or you’re a seasoned girls’ weekend pro, here are 15 ways to get ready for the bride-to-be’s last hurrah.

First Things First: Find the WiFi

Being able to document the weekend via Snapchat and Instagram is a must, so know where your WiFi will be at your resort or Airbnb — as well as in the town you’re staying in. Read up on how to access WiFi wherever you go. Pro tip: Restricting your phone to using only WiFi will help your battery last longer.

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Make Sure Your Suitcase is Ready to Go

If you’re going tropical for this bachelorette weekend, you need to bring all of your cutest swimsuits and coverups. Since you also have to pack some pretty dresses and sandals, it’s crucial that you maximize the space in your suitcase. No problem — here are six tips on how to pack.

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Pass Out the Swag Bags

Once you get in the car or off the plane, bust out DIY swag bags for everyone on the trip. You can base the theme on your destination, but be sure to tuck in travel-sized beauty items and healthy snacks.

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Cover Clothing Hangers with Sparkly Sequins

For a bachelorette who loves all things sparkly, bring sequined clothing hangers for her to hang her weekend wardrobe on. The best part is that they’re easy enough to make for her and all of your gal pals.

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Start the Party with DIY Poppers

When you arrive at your destination, toast the bride-to-be with a glass of champagne and a DIY party popper. Skip a trip to the store for party decorations — you can craft these with a toilet paper roll, balloons, paint and confetti.

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Sew Sleep Masks for the Beauty Queens

To help everyone get the beauty rest they deserve, make sleep masks and put them on every lady’s pillow. Everyone will love floral prints and a little bit of fringe.

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Get Your Dresses Weekend-Ready

Bachelorette parties often include going out on the town, and you’ll want to wear a dress that’s fun and flirty. If you ran out of time to go shopping for a party dress, upgrade one of your old ones with a slit up the side.

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Personalize a String of Pearls

To make everyone who came to celebrate the bachelorette feel special, string together personalized necklaces and hand them out on the first day. When you go out for dinner later that night, the whole crew can sport them.

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Shoe Chainz

As the great thinker Drake once said, “I wear every single chain, even when I’m in the house.” Channel those rap god vibes with shoe chains you can add to a pair of heels or boots. These are perfect for going out on the town with the bachelorette and your #squad.

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Swipe a Pop of Color on Your Lips

Whether you’re getting ready to lounge by the pool or go out to the bar, put on a bold lipstick that you love — it’s the weekend, after all. The trick is to prep your lips with an exfoliator or balm.

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Put Your Flat Iron on Double Duty

If the bachelorette invited a big group, chances are that the bathroom will be a little crowded with people and their products. Pack your flat iron to teach the party how to use it as a curling iron, and everyone’s tresses will look gorgeous.

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Two-Tone Your Nail Art

The bride-to-be might want to fit a manicure or pedicure in between activities, so come prepared with the prettiest polishes. Bring two colors to try chic nail art.

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Raid the Pantry for Face Masks

Perhaps the bride wants a low-key activity with all the comforts of home. In that case, plan for mud baths, jacuzzi time and face masks. This recipe calls for raw honey and chamomile tea bags, which you may already have in your kitchen cabinets.

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Drink Luxurious Libations

A recipe for a cucumber gimlet goes well with the sliced cucumbers you’re putting on your eyes. Beauty treatments + alcohol = the perfect indulgence.

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Get Your Green Juice On

Stock up on ingredients for green juice, which you might need the morning after a long night of partying. You and the bride-to-be may not remember taking off your shoes and dancing on tabletops, but you’ll both remember what a great job you did planning the best bachelorette weekend ever.

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