How to Get Married in Times Square

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If getting married in Times Square is your dream-wedding destination, then take heart -- you can have your dream wedding by just following a few state rules pertaining to your wedding license and officiant. A registered officiant can marry you year round in Times Square; however, whether your wedding is impromptu or planned, it is important to remember that getting married in the state of New York is a multi-step process, in which couples must complete an application before obtaining their marriage license, and apply for a permit if necessary.

Obtain a Wedding License

Getting married in Times Square requires a wedding license issued from any town or city clerk office in the state of New York. Although both parties must appear in person to sign the application in the presence of the town clerk, you can expedite the process by applying online. Once you have submitted the application, you have 21 days to sign the final application at the clerk’s office before it expires. Remember to bring along two pieces of identification, such your birth certificate plus a driver's license or passport. You may not send a representative in your place, even if they have power of attorney. Once issued, your license is valid for 60 calendar days, beginning 24 hours after issuing. Furthermore, you must wait 24 hours from issued date before marrying.

Hire an Officiant

Being married in Times Square requires an officiant who is registered with the city of New York to perform a ceremony within city limits. Such officiants may include the mayor of a city or village, the former mayor, city or deputy city clerk of a city with more than1 million residents, a certified marriage officer, a justice or judge or a member of clergy or minister. The officiant does not have to be a resident of New York State; however; a ship captain cannot perform marriage ceremonies in New York State.

Include Witnesses

New York state law requires two witnesses for each marriage. One witness acts on the bride’s behalf, and the other on the groom’s behalf. Your officiant or member of the clergy may act as one witness, but you must have one more to meet state requirements. No minimum age is required; however, it is best to choose at least one witness who is capable to testify in a court proceeding, what he, or she has witnessed.

Determine Wedding Size

According to A Practical Wedding, a permit is not required for general public space venues, such as in Times Square, unless you are planning a large ceremony with over 20 people. For large weddings, contact the Times Square Alliance, or a primary permitting agency such as the NYC Police for permit details.