How to Get Married in the Philippines

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Getting married in the Philippines requires a few documents and meeting an age stipulation. Since the country is predominately Roman Catholic, the bride and groom can decide between a civil or a Catholic wedding service. Each ceremony has its own set of requirements, which includes marriage counseling.

Basic Requirements

According to SKL Media, the age requirement to get married in the Philippines is at least 18. If the bride and groom are under the age of 25, written parental consent is needed. A marriage license must be obtained for both the civil service or a Catholic church wedding. A pre-wedding seminar or counseling may be required, depending on the service selected. Once a marriage license is obtained, it will remain valid for approximately 120 days.

Obtaining a Marriage License

You will obtain your marriage license at the civil registrar in the city or town where you plan to get married. To apply for the marriage license, you will need: birth certificates -- one original and two photocopies -- the written consent of both parents, if the bride and groom are under the age of 25; and a document to prove neither of you has been married before. Two identifications are also necessary, which can be your driver’s license and passport. After approximately two weeks, the marriage license will be released to the couple.

Catholic Church Wedding

Besides the marriage license, the bride and groom must bring their baptismal and confirmation certificates. You must also show proof that you have received the sacrament of baptism. All these documents are submitted three months before the wedding. A copy of both birth certificates and a “No Record of Marriage” certificate are also required. The soon-to-be wedding couple must attend a marriage preparation seminar and counseling.

Civil Wedding

The civil wedding is more convenient, faster and less expensive than a church wedding; it's performed by a judge or mayor. You will need to bring the marriage license, birth certificates, photo identification and a photocopy of each passport. The bride and groom must attend a pre-marriage counseling and family planning seminar, which takes place at the city hall. A letter of intent to marry is the last document required, which includes both names and signatures of the wedding couple along with the requested marriage date.