How to Get Married in the Baptist Church

How to Get Married in the Baptist Church. Getting married in the Baptist Church is a serious undertaking and requires much spiritual preparation. A Baptist wedding is an act of worship in which a couple seeks God's blessing of their union before a community of faith.

Accept Jesus Christ into your life if you haven't already. You can only get married in the Baptist Church if you are a baptized believer. Both members of an engaged couple must be baptized Christians in order to marry in the Baptist Church.

Understand the variation among Baptist congregations. Although there are core beliefs common to every Baptist congregation, individual churches vary greatly on some issues such as the ordination of women and the inclusion of non-members in communion.

Find a Baptist Church that fits your needs. If you already belong to a Baptist Church, you have a head start. If not, make appointments to speak with the head pastors of several churches to determine which will work best for you.

Make life changes required by the Baptist Church before getting married. Many Baptist congregations will not marry couples who are living together or are engaging in premarital sex. Your pastor may ask you to enter an engagement covenant which involves abstaining from such behavior until marriage.

Attend marriage seminars affiliated with your congregation. You will have to take premarital classes, the frequency, intensity and cost of which vary greatly. You may also have to attend private counseling sessions with your pastor prior to your wedding.

Take a questionnaire, most commonly called the Pre-Marriage Inventory. This learning tool will allow your pastor to pinpoint potential problem areas in your relationship to discuss in private sessions. There is often a fee affiliated with the questionnaire.

Discuss any questions or concerns about getting married in the Baptist Church with your pastor before making formal arrangements.