How to Get Married in Taiwan

How to Get Married in Taiwan. Taiwan is known as an exotic place to get married. Even local couples who choose to get married every year in Taiwan visit some scenic areas of the country. If you choose Taiwan as the place to tie the knot, you should know what is required for your destination wedding. Follow these tips on getting married in Taiwan.

Make sure that both of you are over the age of 18 years old. If you are under 18, but over 15, you will need a letter of consent from your guardian or parents.

Make sure both of you have the appropriate forms of identification with you. Bring birth certificates, passports and any type of country identification you have.

Visit the local court to sign the wedding forms and marriage license to complete the official part of the marriage ceremony. If you live in Taiwan, the court will usually be in the groom's neighborhood as the bride is about to become part of the groom's family.

Choose 2 witnesses for your marriage ceremony. The families do not usually do not attend this part, and the witnesses are usually 2 close friends of the couple.

Bring all death certificates, divorce and other any documents that you might need to declare to the Taiwan consulate. They must verify that you are single before you marry.