How to Get Married in Las Vegas

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Cash
  • marriage license

How to Get Married in Las Vegas. Las Vegas hosts more than 100,000 weddings every year. Though best known for its wacky, instant weddings, sophisticated ceremonies can be booked at area churches or at some of the city's poshest resorts.

Step 1

Log onto the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority official site at for general information about Las Vegas and for specific information about weddings, including a list of chapels.

Step 2

Select a venue for your wedding. For a spur-of-the-moment ceremony, consider one of the wedding chapels that are open 24 hours a day; some even have drive-through windows.

Step 3

Book the wedding venue, accommodations and transportation. Be sure to ask about wedding packages. Or, work with a wedding planner at one of the city's many hotels and resorts to make the arrangements.

Step 4

Get a marriage license. Appear together at the Marriage License Bureau (201 Clark Avenue, (702) 671-0600). You will need ID and proof of age if you are under 21, plus your Social Security number. You must be 18 to legally marry without your parents' consent.

Step 5

Get married and enjoy all that Vegas has to offer. Check the "Play" section of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority site for a list of shows and special events that you might wish to take in while you're in town.


  • No blood tests are required for a marriage license in Las Vegas, and there is no waiting period. The fee may be paid for in cash. You can download a marriage license application from the web at Theme weddings are big in Vegas. Among the many choices are a Star Trek wedding, a gangster wedding, a Harley wedding, a Camelot wedding, a rock 'n roll wedding, or a nude wedding. In a hurry? Consider renting your wedding dress. There are several facilities in town that rent wedding dresses.


  • Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve are two of the busiest wedding days in Las Vegas. Unless you've booked well ahead, you will have long waits at every wedding venue, and may have trouble booking flights and/or accommodations. It's hot in Vegas during the summer - hot enough to melt the icing on a cake. Choose an indoor, air-conditioned venue or have an evening ceremony if you are married during the summer.