How to Get Married in a Park

So you want a unique idea for your wedding ceremony. If you are outdoors types of people, or if you are looking for a creative idea, then getting married in a park could be for you.

Decide on the setting you want when you get married in a park. There are a wide variety of parks, including state and national parks. Visit several of them if you are undecided. Try to keep the park location within driving distance for the majority of your guests. Look for parks that strike you as memorable, such as those with gardens, trees, special exhibits, gazebos, buildings, rivers, waterfalls and other unique features. These will make a great backdrop for your wedding.

Take the weather into account. Look for a park with shelter, tent, lodge, chalet or pavilion if your part of the country is prone to inclement or unpredictable weather. It is also helpful to have electrical outlets for music, lighting, appliances and any other needs.

Consider having your reception in the same park that you got married in. This makes it easy for the guests and can be great fun. Tell your guests ahead of time on the invitation that this will be an outdoor wedding in a park. You are less limited in guest count and can be more free inviting children as well. This works well if the bride and groom have a lot of family, friends and business contacts.

Decide if you want a formal or casual wedding for yourself and your guests. Some parks are more formal and have gardens, while others are more relaxed and have a neighborhood feel. In these parks, you could easy play volleyball, horseshoes and even have swimming as part of your reception.

Set up chairs and have an aisle runner. You may wish to rent chairs and a tent for your guests so you are assured they will be comfortable during the ceremony, should bad weather set in.

Have your guests bring a dish to pass for informal weddings, or have it catered if you are holding the reception at the park also. You may even consider a pig roast with all the trimmings.

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